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This year’s Impact mobility revolution showed that local governments, companies, the State, private companies and non-governmental organizations have aspirations to participate in the revolution alphabetically. Electricians should become as quickly as possible one of the main means of transportation-thanks to the state’s expandable charging infrastructure, bonuses like the possibility of free Parking and, above all, lower prices. Volkswagen ID.3, first introduced in  just during Impact ’19, will soon play the role of electric Golf and allow ordinary people to enjoy the benefits of niespalinowego nutrition. The cost of all cars has to fall – according to forecasts of the Polish Institute of Economics (PIE), corresponding back in 2015. for almost three-fifths of the price of a vehicle, the cost of a battery, 10 years later,. Today, transport specialists are already thinking about the next elements of the zero-emission puzzle. As important as the number of zero-carbon vehicles, the energy in their batteries comes from a possible clean source. So, for example – as Tauron President Philipp stressed in -the company’s target is 66%. energy produced by renewable energy by 2030.