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Laptop as a necessityThe laptop is ideal and of high quality for the needs of everyday product age of technology more and more advanced, the laptop is already become a necessity of every home to have it. The use of the laptop is extremely pleasant no matter who is working or still studying.

For students especially, if you have a laptop, no longer need to a cyber cafe or library to use the internet for the clear assignment of the lecture. A variety of interesting features has been developed in a laptop to help you step farther with current technology. In fact most of the laptop is very light and the price is furthermore affordable.

The following is some selection best laptop to suit your needs whether for working or studying. Series ASUS is the perfect laptop for doing work and playing games. Powered by choice of Intel or AMD the X Series is a stylish notebook designed for those who like the laptop.

8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor

Like a cutting edge with the latest technology. Series A enhanced with SonicMaster high quality; and makes it always ready at the time specified.  With the 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor, it gives more power to handle the display of graphics and travel gaming you with more smoothly.

8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor

Equipped with a screen 15.6” Full HD IPS level display, bezel design the thin and light weight also makes this laptop an ideal option for you, the foot gamers! With 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-8550U Processor (8M Cache, up to 4.00 GHz), this laptop is good enough to be used.

In the process of editing photo or photoshop much more quickly. Can also be used to use graphics for those of you who need a laptop 2-in-1 for ease of work. If your lot overlooks the laptop to service work, the laptop this will not hurt the eyes as a result too long staring into the screen.

Touchpad also super sensitive, helping your work more effectively. For those of you who prefer a live-streaming video, web cam is important things that should be taken into account in the laptop. Equipped with a 0.3 MP camera and microphone, this laptop is the best.

The price is affordable under RS 2,500, making it the choice of the laptop ideal for you. Power and speed makes everything you do a lightning fast and responsive, the assignment can done multitasking easily. The Laptop of this type are easy to be converted into a tablet form, as simple as pen and paper.

8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor

Equipped 1TB 5400rpm hybrid hard drive and no easy installment, you can have this laptop with the affordable price. With the system of processing of the latest Intel, you are guaranteed with the reliable performance needed to work while on vacation.

Battery type 4-Cell long lasting up to 8 hours without having to charge always. For you need a laptop that is suitable for doing the work video editing or designer, this product is the choice of the most ideal. Products from the brand Acer is very well known among aficionados of the laptop.

Because of system processing that is quick and easy to pay off your assignments outstanding. Equipped with Intel® Celeron™ N3160 Processor and Max Turbo Frequency 2.24 GHz, makes this laptop a suitable option for the student because the price is affordable.


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